Register for Online Services


We recommend in the first instance that patients register with the NHS App. The App has its own process for verifying your identity using your smartphone. Once registered you will have immediate access to order repeat medication.

Additional access to other parts of your medical record can then be requested via the surgery, who will be able to see that your ID has been verified by the App.

On contacting the surgery inform us your have registered with the NHS App and you would like additional access. You will be asked to confirm your full name, address and DOB as well as selected detail from your medical record; your request will then be processed. Please note this may take a few days depending on our workload/staffing levels. 

For more information on the NHS App please visit

Patient Online Access

Under normal circumstances we would require patients to attend the surgery with photographic proof of identity and address to register for online access.

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic we are temporarily allowing patients to request and online account over the phone. In addition to confirming your full name, address and date of birth you will be asked to confirm contents of your medical record. For example an operation you may have had (including the date and hospital), or the date of a recent appointment, who you saw and what it was in relation to.

An account obtained in this way will give you basic access to medication requesting and appointment booking only.This can be updated at a later date, once the practice is able to lift restrictions on patient contact.

If your ID is succesfully verified details will be sent to you that will allow you link your online account with the electronic record we hold for you.

There are several providers for an online account (which will be listed on the registration letter we send you). Below is the link to Patient Access, which is the online access website run by our clinical system supplier EMIS.

As this process is more involved and may not always result in a succesfull ID verification, we would suggest using the NHS App where possible.